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Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is a systemic treatment approach that is designed to curtail harmful behaviors and actions by increasing moral reasoning. Moral reconation therapy uses a cognitive behavioral approach that combines a variety of elements to ensure lasting results. For example, it addresses a person’s ego, as well as social and moral behaviors to help promote positive behavioral growth. When undergoing moral reconation therapy, participants will take part in both group and individual counseling sessions. Moral reconation therapy revolves around seven basic treatment issues.

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This type of therapy is structured around seven essential treatment issues along with 16 objectively defined steps. The main issues emphasized during treatment include confronting one’s beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes; reinforcing positive behavior and habits; enhancing one’s self-concept; assessing current relationships; decreasing a person’s frustration tolerance; and developing more positive stages of moral reasoning. Many participants participate in group meetings once or twice each week. It’s possible to complete the steps of this therapy program in a span of 3 to 6 months.

While it was initially developed to help juvenile and young adult delinquents, MRT is increasingly recognized as a viable mental health treatment for those with substance abuse difficulties or co-occurring disorders. To help those with drug addiction, the treatment has been adapted to focus more on individualized and specialized programs to meet individual needs.

How it is Used in Drug Treatment

Developed in 1985 by Gregory Little, Ed.D., and Kenneth Robinson, Ed.D., MRT has shown to be of the premier cognitive behavioral programs for substance abuse treatment. The program, which is used in every state, relies on a systemic and step-by-step approach to change the way that clients think and make judgments about what is right and wrong. There is also emphasis on the ways that the person makes judgments about what should or shouldn’t be done in a specific situation.

Drug recovery programs use MRT to help combine education, structured exercises, and group and individual counseling. While it’s usually geared towards treatment resistant clients, MRT can help any recovering addict. Many programs rely on it to transition addicts from hedonistic reasoning levels (or pleasure vs. pain) to the place where concern over social rules and others becomes most important.

How Does it Benefit the Addict?

This type of therapy benefits the addict by showing him or her how to distinguish between what’s right and what’s wrong. During treatment, the addict will learn about the consequences of their behavior as well as the effect it has on friends, family, and the community. The goal is to teach how poorer moral reasoning often leads to bad behavior, including drug use.

The Steps of Moral Reconation Therapy

There are seven basic treatment issues resolved through specific steps. These include assessing current relationships; confronting one’s personal beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes; enhancing self-concept; reinforcing positive behavior and habits; positive identity formation; decreasing bad thoughts and triggers; and developing higher stages of moral reasoning.

MRT Benefits a Wide Range of Addicts

There are many reasons why MRT benefits a wide range of recovering addicts. For starters, it’s easy to implement. It’s also designed to target and treat specific issues in this population. MRT is also primarily delivered in open-ended groups, which helps save resources. In addition, MRT is flexible and can be easily integrated with or used alongside other types of programs such as counseling, self-help grounds, and education.

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