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The goal of drug addiction treatment is to not only get the addict to stop using, but to also encourage successful rehabilitation. At Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago, we provide patients with the recovery tools and skills they will need to continue their journey of sobriety once they complete rehab.

Anyone who is dependent on or addicted to drugs can benefit from comprehensive programs at or drug treatment centers. There are many different types of drug treatment programs available. The type and duration of these programs depends on factors such as the severity and type of addiction, as well as the patient’s personal needs.

The professionals at Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago work closely to form the most effective and well-rounded plans for rehabilitation. They cater to the specific needs of the individual in order to ensure the most successful recovery. To find out more, call us today at (312) 445-8817.

What are the Signs that Someone Needs to Seek Treatment?

  • Physical – Experiences health problems related to drug use. This may include the crash following a binge as well as a suppressed immune system. Certain physical problems such as shaking can be attributed to specific drugs like alcohol.
  • Social – Most drug addicts can’t maintain happy and healthy relationships. Dishonesty, mood swings, and self-centered behavior are common among addicts. This can lead to the destruction of marriages, relationships with friends and family, and coworkers.
  • Health – In time, the drug use takes a toll on the person’s body. The addict is often unable to or struggles to maintain a job. Many addicts or those who consistently abuse drugs are late or call in sick. Health problems can also cause relationships at home to deteriorate.
  • Intervention when drug treatment is needed – There are several signs to help you understand when someone needs an intervention. Some examples include deceptive behavior, increased tolerance for the drug, a drastic change in appearance, and forgetting things that they just said or did. Other indications include lack of responsibility, isolation, a change in mood or behavior, and withdrawal.

Treatment Options

During residential or inpatient treatment, the patient lives inside the facility. Many programs provide a mix of individual and group counseling and therapy sessions along with other activities. These programs last at least 30 days. Inpatient drug treatment programs are often the best option for those who need intense withdrawal treatment and close monitoring. Inpatient programs offer an initial assessment, along with detoxification and primary treatment services.

Recovering addicts in outpatient programs have more flexibility. Many programs require attendance by day, but allow the patients to return to their homes at night. Such programs are ideal for those whose addictions are not as severe.

While everyone’s needs are different, the type of program often depends on the length and intensity of the drug use. Those who have been using drugs for longer and more intensely may need residential treatment or partial hospitalization at first.

What We Offer

  • Medical detox – often involves using prescription medications to counter the effects of drug withdrawal.
  • Therapy – common options include individual counseling sessions along with group therapy.
  • Relapse prevention – designed to provide continuing guidance and support even after the initial program has ended.

To get help for your substance abuse or addiction issues, call the treatment specialists at Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago at (312) 445-8817. We can help you find the program that best suits your needs. Don’t wait another minute, call us now.

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