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Many Individuals that are enrolled in the Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago programs are often ambivalent at first. Incoming clients are not quite convinced they need the help of an alcohol treatment center to overcome their addiction. Alcohol Treatment Centers not only help those suffer from addiction come to terms with their dependence but also give them room to accept it and recovery step by step. Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago begins treatment with evaluation and medical detoxification then gradually begins therapy and counseling. Call 312-445-8817 and speak with one of the addiction specialists to begin a recovery program.

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Consider Substance Abuse Treatment

Many alcohol users have a difficult time acknowledging that they have a drug abuse and addiction problem. Their alcohol use may have begun with little or no warning that binge drinking and daily alcohol use will lead to addiction. Many young adults watch their friends consume large quantities of alcohol at parties or clubs and associate this behavior with having a good time. It is important that the friends and family of an alcohol user who is showing signs of an addiction are not hesitant to address the issue. The earlier the addict is made aware of their behavior, the better the chances that they put a stop to it. Encouragement from loved ones as well as the staff at Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago will provide the motivation needed to begin drug rehab. Once the individual acknowledges he or she has a problem, the addict is ready for drug abuse rehabilitation, call 312-445-8817.
Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago develops a recovery plan to meet the individual needs of all of our clients. Our services include inpatient and outpatient treatment, which will be assigned based on the circumstances of the addiction. For example, if a client needs to continue working or has children and other obligations, outpatient treatment better suits their needs. Alcohol Rehab Centers Chicago also provide various types of therapy:

  • One-on-one therapy – the individual shares his or her addiction problems with a certified addiction specialist or registered addiction specialist. (CAS, RAS)
  • Group counseling – more than one person with an addiction problem discusses their abuse of drugs in a group setting. Group counseling helps everyone understand they are not alone and others are dealing with the same effects caused by drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Family therapy – the individual with drug abuse problems and his or her family attends group therapy intended to help everyone share their feelings in a safe setting.

Understanding Why People Use Drugs

Addiction carries misconceptions about who uses drugs and why people use drugs. When the discussion of drug abuse comes up, many people picture a homeless and helpless heroin or crack addict. However addiction can affect almost anyone including retail store clerks, fast food restaurant managers, bank representatives, retired senior citizens, adolescents, schoolteachers, and even school board members.

There are many scenarios where an individual can fall into an addiction where their initial drug use was not negligent or reckless at all. For example many prescription opioid addicts started using prescription medication for legitimate reasons such as back pain.

Overtime they become dependent on the medication despite the fact that their back pain has subsided. Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago, help individuals with any type of substance abuse problem. Call 312-445-8817 today to discuss rehabilitation with an addiction specialist.

Warning Signs for Drug Addiction

Every type of addictive substance produces different warning signs. Marijuana users have an increased appetite, slowed reaction time, paranoid thinking and decreased coordination. Depressants cause slurred speech, lack of coordination, memory problems, and drowsiness. Stimulants cause insomnia, weight loss, paranoia, restlessness, and depression as the drug wears off. Opioids can lead to constipation, slowed breathing, depression and a reduced sense of pain. There is hope for a better future without addiction. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Chicago and Drug Rehab today at 312-445-8817.

About Chicago IL

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